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Whose 3 Phase Electric Motor To Buy?

Whose electric motor should I purchase? There are a number of manufacturers to choose from when it comes to three phase electric motors these days. That is because electric motors have become a commodity. The fact is there is very little difference when it comes to three phase electric motors now. It really does not matter which manufacturer you buy from you are going you are going to get a similar product that is similar quality. All manufacturers are selling NEMA Premium Efficient motors made to the same specs and all have a three year warranty! Many people have dealt with companies for many years and so they have a perception they are getting something that is way better for the much higher price they are paying. Unfortunately that is just not the case anymore. Many customers are concerned with wanting to buy made in America but the fact is very few electric motors are currently made here. The majority are produced in China,Mexico and Taiwan. Every manufacturer makes some of their motors outside the U.S. This leaves customer service and price as the real separator among the competitors for your business. Please make sure you read some reviews of the company you are considering doing business with. If you are not getting the customer service you deserve do not be afraid to try another source even if they sell a different brand. If someone is telling you their product is way better than someone else's you may want to ask some questions and do some research on your own. If you current vendor provides you with great service then they are worth the price you are paying. If not you may want to look around for a new one!
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Welcome to our online store

Welcome to our online store! We have been in the motor business for more than two decades and have been selling online for 8 years. We understand that buying online can be intimidating and scary as you cannot see or touch the product. We will do whatever we can to try and make it as comfortable for you as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions or contact us over the phone. Our goal is to provide a quality product for much less then the name brands you are used to. Motors have become a commodity so paying a huge price for a name you know is not worth it any longer. 
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